Welcome to Bob's
1966 Ford Galaxy
Engine up-date page
Welcome to Mr. Bob's 66 page. He is crusing a 1966 Ford Galaxy with a in line 6. he wants an up-date of installing a 390cid V8 with Auto.

Well after we connected, we got all our ducks in a row. It;s June 6 2012. Mr Bob dropped off his ride for a re-fit from in-line 6 to a V8. Even with one arm I pulled the 6 and Trans out. Were ready for the V8 and Trans. here are the pix's of the work. click each pix's to read.
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This is Mr. Bob and his 66
Bob's Ride.
Heres her with the 6 in her.
Frist thing, drop drive shaft.
Ask buddy to help if my other arm falls off. lol oh yea pull hood
2nd. pixs with hood off.
Were pulling and tugging that little 6 out.
Wash every dam thing. lol
look very good. he will not have much to clean.
push body out. wash shop up after you wash engine area out.
Well theres the wonderful Ford 6. This is For Sale. Make offer if you need it.
This page was last updated: April 30, 2018
06262012: Well I got out to the shop to work on the 66. The parts I ordered came in, stopped out at the bolt shop and spent some cash and still forgot some of the bolts needed.
No bolts came with this job and its looking like I will end up custom making the rest of what's needed. I cut the old Exhaust off, removed the column shift linkage, After looking over other areas of the car I found allot of lose bolts all threw the car. Removed engine frame pads, got to re-install them and drill four holes that are not there.  
Here are some of the pix's from today's work.
The ride home with engine in the back truck bed.
Clened the dust plate and painted silver.
Re- taped intake carb. bolts. installed lift plate for Ford use.
These are the Bolts I order from JEGS racing. 1 day shipping is nice.
Installed flex plat after I clened it up and parinted gloss Black. As you can see the blue locktite is installed and all were torxs to 90 lbs.
After installed, Painted the hole flex plate area to seal it all in.
Check to see if manafolds fit. and installed engine pads.
Here is the gaskits I ordered. they will work just fine.
Sorry ive been bizzy working on this and not posting. Installed exhaust manifolds, had to buy all bolts for this car. Now were waiting on more parts.
Removed old mounts and start clean up.
Tryed to use the 6cly frame pads to install V8 mounts. It didnt work out
looks good, clened up and new paint.
Installed manafolds.
Cleaned up trans crossmember up and painted.